Welcome to the new Yarn page! 

Yarn from our four alpaca has become a big part of our day to day workings.

We have lovely skeins of yarn for sale 

​Sale for YARN in the BARN
Buy one skein  for$25 
                       and get $5 dollars off a second skein

We are working on spinning our own yarn and using an old loom that we have for different projects. Stay tuned for pictures. 

This is all very exciting and fun to watch as we expand our creativity and items produced!

New yarn will be here 9/22
I will have chunky and a blend of all 4 alpaca !!!

3 ply worsted yarn

Alpaca  70%o
Merino 20%
Bamboo 10%

brown and white
4 ounces  - 250 yards
sock yarn

Alpaca 70%
Merino 20%
Bamboo 10%

white only 
4 ounces - 520 yards
Slub Yarn

50% Alpaca /50% Merino

4 ounces - 150 yards
Just incase you can't make it to knitting night here is a pattern you can have some fun with! 

The pattern is from Ravelry.com