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Soap :  
            4 ounce bars  - $6
Lavender-Oatmeal-Goat Milk, Almond-Oatmeal-Goat Milk, Lavender, Goat Milk, Jewel Weed, Oatmeal Stout, Coffee and other seasonal favorites

We have soaps for Baby Showers,
Bridal Showers and Wedding Favors

Let us know what you need and we can make it happen!!

​This is the time of year when salves are indispensable!!!  

Mrs. Murphy's Hand Salve
made with:
Shea butter - almond oil- coconut oil-cocoa butter - glycerine and vitamin E
unscented ... awesome
small $3 
Large tube $10

​Lip Balm
​"Cant lip without it" $3

Lavender, Raspberry, Natural and Orange

​Just made Lip Balm with sunscreen! 
Peach with titanium dioxide
Orange with sesame oil

Additions to the recipe include: 
  Shea butter (for salves only)
  glycerine and Vitamin E!
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