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Blog #2
Life on small farm

We have had alpacas for 2 plus years.
This has been the first time Tom and I have gone away for 5 days

It takes a village to care for our menagerie
Kiley the first night, Leanne and her family and also our next door neighbors, the Bufe's
Thanks so much - we had a blast and knew that all at home were well cared for. Daily pictures were awesome.

We will return in the heat of the day. The 3 dogs will be at the door . I am always amazed that they know when we pull in. The cat will be strategically positioned to enter at the first available second and the dogs won't leave our sides for the foreseeable future.

Bags will be brought in , I'll separate from Finn but never leave his sight and head out to the barns. Such a happy sight
Alpaca and chickens resting in the shade. My 3 boys will rush to me . Quentin our deaf alpaca will sense the motion and slowly follow in stride. I plan to fill water buckets and then clean the barns. Wall-e will be right at my side , afraid to miss anything. Finally treats for all and a seat for me in the shade ... Happy to be home!

All went exactly as written except for one.
Quentin , the deaf guy, missed me the most.
I know it sounds strange but I saw the relief and the" thank goodness she is back" the second he saw me. I think he really finds comfort in routine . Made me happy

The race against the weather
Summer is hot and humid
Great for gardening and sitting by the pool. Not so great for fixing a roof or painting the house. October arrives and the race begins. Get all the tasks done when it's not raining or not too cold.  I love it - 60 degrees and sunny. Tom is up on the roof and I split my time between gardens and painting
October 25 and still so much more to do
Tom gets 1 to 2 sheets of plywood up to the roof leak, hole covered, then ice and water shield and then shingles. No easy job but when done , well worth it.

We have  the pool and the garden to sleep. Canned pickled beets last night... Raining so no painting. I need 4 to 5 days to get a second coat on to sides . Fences are in and raspberries need to be cut... Plenty of time !!

The animals are settling down. Alpacas are eating plenty of hay and starting on alpaca maintenance pellets. Trying to figure out a way to keep the new guys from gulping and choking..... Will figure out what works

Chickens are molting and resting , no extra lighting and only a few eggs
Plan to set up water heaters and lights 

Really busy time but so beautiful and believe it or not   ..... relaxing

If you asked me 30 years ago what I would do on a 2 week vacation?
I would have said a warm destination or Alaska or Ireland

Paint the house..... Close the gardens.... 
Have the alpaca neutered

This was the best vacation ever 
I scraped primed and had 2 coats of paint
George and I started doing this 20 years ago​. 
​ Blog #1
All the animals are loving plenty of cool water ... extra food.... and either a spray from the hose or a nice dirt bath!

August brings with it plenty of garden gifts 

peaches are ready for jam 
Peach - jalapeno or peach jam

Green beens are wonderful straight from the garden

Tomatoes and basil for salad 

Pears and rasperries are following soon 
Time to make jams and vinegars

​October 2015
Farm Happenings