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This is knitting/ crocheting season!!!

I have been doing a few markets and here are 2 things I keep hearing 

 the first ,,,I have so much yarn 
My answer 
then make squares for Warm Up America
7 inch by 9 inch 
Any yarn ,,any color.. any pattern 
I'll be mailing out my next box March 1 st 

the second 
I have no time to knit 
my answer 
 knit 2 rows in the morning and 2 in the evening 
The perfect way to begin and end your day !!!

What are you making ?? I have plenty of patterns and I have the yarn, too!! 

February Sale 
      Buy 2 Skeins and get the
                          third for $10 !!!!
Happy Knitting/ Crocheting

give us a call if you have questions and we will be happy to help  - Catee and Tom